Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do you know that God had created you to be the very BEST? You can be the very BEST by simply believing that Jesus Christ came into the world to die for your SINs and to reconcile you with God. You are like a tree. Tree whose root is not in contact with source of nutrient wil soon die. God is your source of nutrient, your strenght and your source of PEACE and JOY. Without God, you are nothing. With God (Jehoval Shamma) you have everything! God wants you to flourish, to shine forth and to be fruithful. He wants you to be the SALT of the Earth: to add spice to the world. To be the very BEST, you need the Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit is Jesus promised gift for you. He will helps you to become the very BEST. He will guide you to the truth and make you strong where you are weak! To be the BEST, the Very BEST, I recommend a book by Pastor E. O Adeboye: Be the Best, the very Best!

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