Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sincerely, after this RCCG 100-days Fasting and Prayer, what is your next step? Wil righteousness be your way of life? Are you going to step back into your old way of doing things? Do not be decieved, after this fasting, the "devil" wil come to tempt you, not once but over and over again. The reason for this depend on the choices you made. When you step back into sin, Satan wil hav a foothold in your life. He wil be tormenting and accusing you. When you overcome temptation, you become spiritualy stronger. You are blessed and become an overcomer! After every great achievements come the "devil". The 100-days Fasting and Prayer is a great achievement! Jesus said: "Greater works than these you wil do. . ." again Jesus said:"These can not be done but with Fasting and Prayer." God blesses you.

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